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Hsl at a glance


What is HSL

Hyphen Still Life is an innovative solution for the management of the products’ photographic process within the e-commerce and multi-channel communication.

It encompasses a special photography set, a console and the images processing and adaptation system, which can be linked to the Digital Asset & Content Management systems.

It is possible to integrate HSL with Calcho.net

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what is it for

The HSL solution can be used whenever there is the need to manage a photography process, thanks to its high-quality and automation standards.

HSL has the ability to fulfill the current needs of the communication and digital multi-channel sale environments, in a high-standard and efficient way.

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How It work

The user starts the photography session simply by placing the item on the platform and by scanning the product’s barcode.

The approval, post-production and automatic delivery services will enable the user to complete the job.

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